Tennis Court Fencing

Installation of Tennis Court Fencing We can install all types of fencing around your tennis court or sports area across the UK

As well as being a major provider of artificial tennis courts, we can also supply and install fencing to encompass your tennis court or sports area. We are also able to repair damage fencing where necessary.

Tennis Court Fencing

We are specialists in refurbishment and construction of tennis courts and sports fencing. We offer an extensive range of fencing styles to cater for the surroundings of the area to which you are situated. As well as fencing we are also able to supply and install a variety of practice walls and rebound walls.  Our types of fencing include:

  • Chainlink fencing
  • Practice walls
  • Controlled gate entry
  • ServAce Practice Wall
  • Windbreak Fencing
  • Tubular fencing
  • Angle Iron Fencing
  • Tennis Development Walls
  • Retractable Tennis Fencing
  • Tennis Rebound Walls

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we get asked about the installation of fences around tennis courts and MUGA sports areas.

You may need to obtain planning permission for the erection of a fence around a tennis court or MUGA.  However, if the new tennis court is being built in a private garden then this is not normally a problem.

There are many reasons for wanting to have a fence installed on your tennis court or sports area:
  • It can help stop leaves and waste being blown on the court.
  • It can stop balls from being hit out of the court during the game.
  • It can keep out animals from entering the tennis court or sports surface.
  • You can stop unauthorised use of the tennis court or sports surface.

In an ideal world your tennis court fence should be 2.75 metres high to prevent balls from leaving the court.

It’s best to have two gates installed nearest the middle of the court so that when recovering lost balls the distance covered is the same for both sides. Furthermore, a gate installed in the middle of the court reduces the disturbance for players when on the court.

This is down to personal preference, it helps create an even background for both players and makes tennis balls more easily seen.  It also offers limited protection against the wind, and is an ideal addition for exposed tennis courts or sports areas.

A tennis development wall or tennis rebound wall is designed  to aid tennis development for single or multiple players.  As well improving mental performance and fitness it helps train player reactions. They work well as a replacement for block work rebound walls and can be incorporated in to a tennis court fence.

We offer several types of development wall, contact us to see which would be the best fit for you.

We Install Sports Fencing Across the UK

KPA Tennis Services are specialists in tennis court fencing and sports area fencing.  We are able to offer our services nationwide, including:

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