Tennis Courts

Artificial Tennis Court Installation We install all types of artificial tennis courts across the UK

KPA Tennis Services supply, install and maintain artificial tennis courts across the UK. With a huge range of fibre lengths, colours and surfaces to choose from we can tailor a court to your specific needs.  We offer the three major surface types: sand dressedsand filled and artificial clay.  Once installed, we can keep your tennis court looking its best with our repair and rejuvenation service.

Sand Dressed Tennis Courts

Artificial grass looks greener because it is much denser and uses less sand to support the pile of the carpet and create stability. It’s perfect for lower impact games such as tennis, and is often used for private use and tennis clubs. It comes in many colours and two tone.

Sand Filled Tennis Courts

If you have a limited area that must be suitable for a variety of sports and games, then sand filled artificial grass is the ideal solution, especially in the winter months when they become difficult to maintain.  These surfaces are great for a variety of games, including tennis, hockey and football, making them ideal for schools that don’t specialise in any particular sport.

Artificial Clay Tennis Courts

Artificial clay is a high performance surface with the looks and playing characteristics of a real clay, it provides the same ball bounce and slide as a real clay court without the yearly expense, perfect for tennis clubs to provide a different playing service all year round.  These courts come in a variety of colours.