Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Maintenance and Repair We can maintain, resurface and repair all types of artificial tennis courts and MUGA sports surfaces across the UK

Astroturf and Artificial Grass Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Maintenance

Taking out a tennis court maintenance contract for your tennis court ensures you get maximum performance and longevity from your artificial surface and it is never too late to make a difference.

Power Brushing 

Power brushing of an artificial grass tennis court is required to remove the dirt and moss that will have accumulated within the fibre and sand layer.  Maintenance visits are recommended every 6 months or less depending on use of the sports area.

Redressing the Surface

Fresh sand is used to re-dress the tennis court surface and replace the contaminated sand removed with the powerbrush.  Finally, moss and weed killer treatment will be applied to help minimise re-growth and should help your tennis court look its best for approximately 12 months.

Macadam Tennis Court Maintenance

Annual high pressure washing of your tennis court with our high pressure wash can clean the most dirtiest moss filled surfaces within two days – depending on how far it’s been neglected. Our expert operators have years of experience cleaning artificial tennis courts and will ensure the thorough removal of all dirt and moss and whilst taking particular care not to damage the surface of the tennis court.  This operation is self contained other than the need for an external water tap. 

Moss and weed killer will be applied to the tennis court to try and help battle the re-growth, although without regular moss and weed killer treatments re-growth will re-appear after approximately 12 months.

You should notice an improvement in grip levels and the rate at which water drains away after a deep clean has taken place on your macadam tennis court or MUGA.

MUGA and Tennis Court Resurfacing

Once a tennis court or MUGA becomes unplayable or unsafe due to wear or significant cracking it probably needs resurfacing.  We can rejuvenate a worn tennis court or MUGA and resurface it with any type of surface finish.

Macadam Resurfacing – Provided the sub base is still in good condition we may be able to lay another layer of macadam on top of an existing tennis court.  This will need to cure for approximately 3 weeks before the tennis court can be sprayed and lined.  We recommend an acrylic coating to help prolong the life of the tennis court.

Artificial Grass Resurfacing – We can remove an existing artificial grass surface and replace with a new one. Provided the macadam underneath is in good condition this process is relatively straightforward. We can even change the type of surface that is laid on top, for example you may wish to install an artificial clay surface instead of an artificial grass one.

Tennis Court Resurfacing Upgrade – We can upgrade a macadam tennis court to an artificial grass or artificial clay surface fairly easily. Provide the macadam is in good condition, resurfacing with an artificial surface can take place.

Artificial Grass Tennis Court Repairs

With time, your artificial turf, synthetic grass or AstroTurf surfaces will become worn in specific areas or lines may come loose from backing tape.  We can cut out the affected area and replace with an identical carpet.  Due to wear there may be some variance in pile length so this would be trimmed to give the best possible match.  For lines that have come loose and are a safety hazard, we are able to either fully replace the line or if possible replace the backing tape and glue it into place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we get asked about the installation and repair of artificial tennis courts and MUGA sports surfaces.

All tennis courts and MUGAs need regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them in optimum condition.  This applies to all surfaces: artificial grass, porous macadam, or synthetic clay.

Every week your artificial sports surface should be swept clean and all leaves and debris removed.

For deep cleaning we offer a maintenance service to keep your sports surface looking as news.

We can maintain all the major types of surfaces, including:

  • Tarmac/Macadam/All Weather
  • Sand dressed 
  • Sand filled
  • Artificial clay
  • Astroturf

Resurfacing a tennis court or MUGA is relatively straightforward. The top surface is completely removed and the base inspected. Repairs are made to the base if required before your choice of surface is relaid. Colour and lines are then applied where appropriate.

Typically, a tennis court needs resurfacing every four to eight years. You can prolong the life of a tennis court with a good quality construction technique and regular cleaning and maintenance. Thus reducing the need for resurfacing. Your maintenance schedule should include:

  • Remove moss and treat the surface with moss killer to reduce regrowth
  • Regular cleaning with a stiff brush to remove leaves and other debris
  • Power washing the surface to remove that hard-to-see debris that can slowly deteriorate the sports surface.
  • Filling cracks as soon as they become noticeable
  • Maintaining nearby landscape so that water doesn’t pool and cause damage.

There are many reasons why your tennis court may need resurfacing:

  • The tennis court is starting to crack or existing cracks have grown larger.
  • The surface has become a conducive environment for mold and mildew.
  • Water remains on the surface or is pooling.
  • Players complain about lack of grip or an unsafe playing surface.
  • The surface colour has faded.
  • The tennis court surface is bubbling.

We Maintain Tennis Courts Across the UK

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